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Cynthia in her own words



I started with this project about 15 years ago under the oak trees in my garden.  The fact that small children came to my door to ask for food, especially on a Monday morning,struck a sympathetic cord in my heart. At that time I could not understand why this should be so until I discovered that, more often than not, the wages of the parents had been blown on alcohol and that there was no - or very little - food for the kids.


I began to feed the kids on a more or less regular basis and in no time at all my brood of kids grew.  Some were not so poor as others, but I try not to discriminate - all are equal to me.  I taught them how to wash and take care of themselves and I try to keep them out of mischief. Later, I got some help from various sources and this project blossomed into a responsibility.


Inevitably the need for some sort of shelter became an issue.  The children could not stay out in rain and there was very little response to my pleas for help until my husband, Harold gave me a Wendy House (Log Cabin) for my birthday so that I could continue with the project that lies very close to my heart in helping these children to lead a better life. Sadly Harold passed away on 1st April 2012.

I am involved in community organisations where I help them with fundraising and when there is a fire or any other disaster, I usually help to collect food and clothes for the people. 

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